Louvre Museum Dress

Shine bright like the finest form of art in our Louvre Museum dress. Just as the world-famous museum draws people to its magnificent pieces of art, this captivating Parisian-style ensemble is inspired by the art gallery’s larger-than-life architecture and grandeur. Crafted from delicate ivory fabric , this mesmerizing couture gown is reminiscent of a blooming garden at dawn, making you feel no less than a Parisian queen. The high neckline looks like a crown on top of the head, puff sleeves, and a long tail. Watch everyone admire your elegance in this exquisite outfit just as they admire the timeless art in the Louvre.

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Eiffel Tower Dress

Getting to wear an ensemble inspired by one of the most famous wonders of the world? Sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Well, not anymore because we have just the right kind of dress for you! This exclusive Eiffel Tower dress is one-of-a-kind and makes you stand tall and magnificent just like the Eiffel. Throw your sparkle and magic around in this unique French-style ensemble. This dress looks like a red rose escaping from a garden, the Moulage shape extending from the waist to the top of the shoulders. It's a unique design. The lustrous satin underlay adds a subtle sheen, enhancing the gown's enchanting allure with a touch of beautiful intricacy. Feel this velvety outfit flow on you as effortlessly as the calm waters, and make heads turn as you walk around with poise and aplomb.

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Notre Dame Cathedral Dress

An outfit that brings out the serene and spiritual side in you? The Notre Dame Cathedral dress symbolizes the rich culture and spirituality which the renowned church is known for. Inspired by the enchanting phenomena of the cosmos, this ensemble was created to evoke the radiance and positivity within you. The top part is made of tulle. The work it looks like embroidery, but it is a special handmade of work. The shape on the waist is Moulage, the skirt is circular. This outfit looks like a golden rose. Complete with a delicately shimmering bodice, reflecting the undying beauty of the celestial bodies. This stellar masterpiece is sure to make you sparkle like a million stars.

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Musée d’Orsay Dress

A typical Parisian-style costume inspired by the splendor of Western art, the Musée d’Orsay dress is a perfect example of prestige and finesse. This enchanting French-style couture creation embodies the rich diversity of myriad art forms, blended in the most stunning patterns. Beautiful blush satin exude a dreamlike quality. The motifs on the top that evoke the intricate petals of a delicate rose. The satin accents complete the look, enhancing the gown's ethereal beauty with a subtle, romantic sheen. With a flawless amalgamation of scintillating motifs and exuberant royalty, this French artwork will certainly be etched onto people’s minds for a long time.

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Montmartre Dress

Experience art in its deepest form with this special French-style Montmartre dress, inspired by the rustic, charming architecture of the popular Parisian street. Just like the soothing white Sacre Coeur church enhances the beauty of Montmartre, this outfit is crafted in a way that epitomizes the tranquil essence of moonlight dancing on the water. A Layer of tulle cascade like a starlit sky, adorned with celestial shape like appliques that shimmer like moonbeams on water. The under part lends a lustrous elegance with Peacock feathers, evoking the enchanting beauty of a moonlit night in a truly mesmerizing fashion. Spread peaceful vibes along the way with this delicately woven couture gown.

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Palais Garnier Dress

An outfit that is woven with the delightful symphonies of art and style, the Palais Garnier dress is a beautiful ode to the famous Parisian opera. The intricate couture dress is inspired by the mystical beauty of woodland sprites and exudes a mellifluous charm reminiscent of a poetic melody. Beautiful fabric light green layer create a sense of enchanting movement, adorned with delicate motifs patterns that evoke the intricate foliage of an ancient forest. Silky skirt accents finish the outfit, giving it a flawless tone of grandeur. Experience the most distinctive essence of bewitching poetry with this luxurious French-style clothing gown. An ensemble that is a treat to the eyes just as the opera is music to the ears!

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Rodin Museum Dress

Commemorating the great French artist Auguste Rodin who expressed art by defying the norms, our exclusive Rodin Museum dress is designed with the idea of embracing fashion and luxury in the most eccentric way. Reminiscent of the finest forms of opulence, this Parisian clothing style depicts the iridescent beauty. The Shapes inspired by the timeless beauty of nature, affixed on Tulle. Finished with an elegant long tail. In short, this dress looks like a sparkling planet, the masterpiece highlights the gracefulness and allure within you.

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Place Des Vosges costume

The popular Place Des Vosges square in Paris is known to be home to some of the most esteemed people in the society over many centuries. Inspired by the architecture and glamor that gives this place its prominence, our Place Des Vosges dress was created with the same idea. Designed with the most sublime materials, this stunning Costume Parisian-style gown gives the wearer an instant sense of prestige and class. This beautiful marvel has made of satin evoking the warmth of the sun, adorned with ornate satin motifs mirroring the delicate blossoms of sunlit meadows. The waist embellished with a velvety satin sash, the outfit epitomizes the essence of luxury and sophistication.

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Musée Picasso Dress

Imagine wearing an outfit inspired by one of the most legendary painters in the world nu! Our exclusive Musée Picasso dress has been designed with the thought of celebrating fashion and couture through visual art and aesthetics. This French-style clothing gown is gracefully woven in layers of satin in different colors and delicate lace patterns, resembling the intricate petals of an alluring midnight orchid. Capturing the enchanting stillness of twilight, the ensemble is polished with lustrous satin accents that enhance the gown’s enigmatic radiance. This unique Parisian gown invokes your elegance and sparkle in a mesmerizing way.

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Musée Carnavalet Dress

Inspired by an astounding monument that symbolizes the history and vibrant lifestyle of Paris City, our Musée Carnavalet dress defines opulence and culture in the most artistic approach. This enchanting French-style ballgown embodies the grace and beauty of a swan gliding across a tranquil lake and exudes a luxurious appeal. Graced with layer of pristine white chiffon cascading like gentle ripples, it is complemented immaculately by dainty Organza appliques that evoke the elegance of a swan's plumage. Adding to the impeccable flair is the satin underlay that finishes this French-style ensemble with miraculous precision.

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Sainte Chapelle Dress

Experience love and royalty during ancient times in the most fashionably pleasing way. Our special Sainte Chapelle dress is a beautiful ode to the fascinating art and culture of medieval Paris. Reminiscent of the timeless allure of desert roses, this opulent Parisian-style ensemble is the perfect representation of love, warmth, and passion. This charming outfit has embroidered tulle adorned with beautiful combinations between Black and white that captures the intricate patterns of vibrant flowers basking in the desert sun. The look is further enriched by a sheen of glistening Beads that enhances the gown's enchanting allure with a lavish touch.

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Musée Jacquemart-André Dress

When the finest works of art blend with the most esteemed fashion styles, a remarkable innovation takes birth in the form of supreme, high-quality apparel. Such was the motivation behind the creation of our Musée Jacquemart-André dress. Inspired by the Parisian museum that houses the most exclusive Italian artworks, this bewitching mermaid gown exudes otherworldly supremacy in each of its details. this outfit in two pieces of Dress and long abaya cascade like scintillating ocean waves, giving the outfit an immaculately alluring appeal. Dark Red abaya silky satin accents act as the perfect outfit , completing the ensemble to portray the enchanting beauty of an underwater paradise.

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Musée de l’orangerie Dress

An ensemble that is inspired by the French art of impressionism, the Musée de l’orangerie dress is specially designed with unique artistic techniques evoking emotions of peace and joy. The finest of materials put together with tranquil hues of mist-covered mountains, this ethereal ensemble exudes an air of serene elegance. ( Delicate embroidered tulle beautifully flow down like the gentle mist, giving the outfit a surreal appearance. Intricate geometric shapes of embroidery elaborate the charm of this Parisian-style gown, while this combinations of colors works as an exemplary finish to create an enthralling masterpiece.) The geometrical theme of the outfit combined with the impressionist styles gives it a soothing and pleasing effect.

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My Way to Paris: A Couture Journey

Paris, the city of love, lights, and art, is also one of the fashion and couture capitals of the world. With a base for a majority of the world’s prominent haute couture brands, Parisian fashion has always been sought-after by many fashion designers from across the globe. Needless to say, it’s a fashion lover’s paradise. In this bustling world of vogue and luxury, countless dreams are woven into fabric and creativity takes the form of wearable art.

Mesmerized by the plethora of ideas Paris has to offer, fashion designer Fares Moses set foot on a remarkable journey of gathering tons of ideas and imagination and molding them into the most exceptional designer dresses. That is how his latest haute couture collection “My Way to Paris” took birth, where he has blended art and couture to create the most magnificent designer dresses.

Fares has always longed for a life filled with artistic expression and a touch of French sophistication. The inspiration for this couture collection stems from his lifelong fascination with the enchanting city of Paris, its rich history, and its influential fashion and art scene. As a firm believer in slow fashion and sustainability, Fares always chooses recycled fabrics in all his styles of dresses.

Fares's passion and dedication have transformed his aspirations into a tangible reality, forever leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. Through his haute couture designs, he invites others to embark on their journeys and discover their unique paths to success and self-expression. In his search for new artistic notions, he wanted to create something that is not only sustainable but also leaves an everlasting impact on people’s minds. Drawing inspiration from the essence of French fashion, he blended it with his ardent love for the elements of nature and put them together in his new clothing designs. When he started working on this couture collection, he had a feeling from deep inside that it would take him to great success in the world of fashion. Every time hedesigns an outfit, he feels he’s closer to the city of love and art.

Witness the magic of art and passion with our exquisite “My Way to Paris” collection
"My Way to Paris" is a couture journey that embodies passion, elegance, and the timeless allure of the City of Lights. This captivating haute couture collection encapsulates the essence of personal growth and celebrates the transformative power of chasing one's dreams. It is not just a collection of designer dresses, but a feeling that comes from the depths of the fashion designer’s heart.

Each of these styles of dresses is a unique homage to the beauty of nature and art, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of tulle, lace, and satin in a breathtaking display of elegance and sophistication. Every haute couture dress is named after renowned Parisian structures and is hugely inspired by the characteristics of the monuments. Artistic and captivating as the Louvre, glamorous and timeless as the Eiffel, and tranquil as the Cathedral; each couture ensemble tells a beautiful story behind its creation, attributes, and worth. Each of these designer outfits is crafted in a way that reflects your emotions and values and makes you stand tall from the rest of the crowd. As the theme says, these luxury dresses are sure to take you a step closer to your ultimate dreams.

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