Fashion Designer Amsterdam

My Fashion Designer Story

Let’s dive into my fashion designer journey. Hi, my name is Fares Moses, I’m a Couturier Fashion Designer from Amsterdam and grew up in my hometown Syria. At that time, I had a part time job at a large sewing event for custom made clothing, owned by my cousin.

My passion for fashion already started during high-school and after my graduation, I decided to study at a sewing and fashion institute in Syria. I earned my first degree in Design and relocated to Beirut in Lebanon to work with some of the most internationally renowned designers in the fashion industry. This experience helped me to gain a lot more experience in design, sewing and fashion. I have worked on Haute Couture Prêt-à-Porter collections, where I ended up being the main leader to present and organize fashion shows.

Later on, I made the decision to move to the Netherlands and start a new life. I followed my dream and earn my Design degree at the Vogue Academy in Amsterdam. This was the best step for me in order to develop my skills even further. As you can understand, the fashion industry is constantly changing. This is why I’m always finding new ways to learn, and I’m ready to share my knowledge with you.

A celebration of heritage and timeliness craftsmanship

The design of Fares Moses incorporates Middle Eastern and European influences and patterns to create tailor-made women's, unique pieces.
Moses’ creations celebrate the unique beauty and elegance of each woman, finding inspiration in modernity, while remaining classic and timeliness.

The professional artistry of Moses, comes to life behind the sewing machine, listening to the dreams and desires of every client and attentively taking care of each part of the creative process - from selecting the finest materials tobringing to life the perfect dress for each occasion.

Discover how Moses’ passion, cultural heritage, and artistrycome to life through our ready-to-wear, haute couture, and special bridal collections. Discover more here.


Please make an appointment with us first, at our first meeting we discuss your wishes and take time to choose fabrics, colors, models and do your measurements. The second appointment is to try the prototype and then finish the dress. For more information, contact us through WhatsApp or our contact page.

Fashion Designer Inspiration

As a Fashion Designer, it is important to let your surroundings inspire you. I got my inspiration from the beauty of nature and I really love to work with geometric shapes and clean lines. I always have been inspired by this.

At, we continue to admire the partial universe and the fascinating microorganisms that must not be touched. These are still beautiful to observe, and therefore, we focus on exciting and sharp product design.

Fares Moses Lookbook

At the moment, I am busy to create a new concept that connects contemporary and old fashion. My group focuses on knitwear by giving it a special touch to explore new shapes and combinations of custom-made details.

My Moven and Embroidered collection is a blend of high-quality fabrics, designed in a fashionable way complemented by details and accessories. Yarns and fabrics are mostly national and my production is sustainable. In our product range, you are able to find anything you could ever dream of, from active wear and casual wear to the most exclusive fashion accessories.