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Haute Couture 3D dress

Get that feeling of royalty as you walk in this exquisite Haute Couture 3D Dress. A perfect mixture of richness and grace, the jaw-dropping 3D Dress gives a whole new meaning to the Haute Couture fashion. Designed in elegant shades of red and white, this dress is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, keeping in mind your love for luxury and comfort. The style of clothing is exclusively created using our best ideas, making it a one-of-a-kind ensemble, something you will not find at any other place. Wear this chic and stylish dress on your special occasion and make heads turn as you walk around like a true queen.

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Haute Couture Blossom dress

Bloom like a flower in this Haute Couture emerald green Blossom Dress. The elements of nature woven into this Blossom dress represent their close relation with the essence of Haute Couture. Made with the finest materials and delicate details, this clothing design is a perfect mixture of cream elements and vibrant colors and flows on your skin as soft as a petal. The chic style of the dress makes it stand out and gives you a feeling of warmth, style, and elegance. Adorn this beauty along with your best smile and watch everyone go awe over you.

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Haute Couture Geometric dress

Look who is shining like a star! It’s you in our Haute Couture Geometric dress! Made especially for those who love pink, this Haute Couture bodycon dress is a must-have for every woman’s closet. The pastel shade of pink gives a touch of subtlety while the geometric square pattern adds to the quirkiness of the outfit. Style this pretty pink dress for any chic event and win hearts along the way. A dress that is sure to get you compliments just as that pink glow on your face!

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Haute Couture Sky dress (Violet)

Want an outfit that highlights your bold side? Then you must go for this Haute Couture Sky dress in a deep violet shade. Curated with the choicest of materials, the Haute Couture Sky dress is made especially for those fearless women who dare to be different from the crowd. The flawless balance of the white block elements and the vibrant violet skirt give the dress a hot, modern, and trendy look. Just as violet adds to the beauty of the evening sky, this Haute Couture dress will surely add to the beauty of your look. No matter the occasion, this dress will have your confidence oozing.

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Haute Couture Saffron dress

Feisty, courageous, and dashing – The Haute Couture Saffron dress will help you own the stage with its offbeat and stylish design. Woven thoughtfully in a brilliant fire red, this Haute Couture style has been made to suit your extraordinary taste for luxury and fashion. This beautiful attire resonates with the element of fire, attempting to bring out that brave and confident girl in you. The striking combination of deep red and black gives the dress a perfect bold look. Be the talk of the town in this Haute Couture fire red outfit.

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Haute Couture Jasmine suit

An outfit that gives a sense of power? Our exquisite Haute Couture Jasmine suit is a complete ensemble created just to make you feel like a true boss. This special Haute Couture design is inspired by the jasmine flower and is crafted intricately to resonate with your values of love, beauty, and elegance. The white blazer comes with a pair of matching pants, giving the outfit a simple yet sophisticated look. And of course, as we know, white never goes wrong! A plain white outfit in any style never fails to speak volumes. Wear this dress for any outing and shine bright like a pearl!

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Haute Couture Ocean Dress

Looking for the perfect dress for a black-tie event? The Haute Couture Ocean Dress in a stunning emerald green color will definitely turn all eyes on you as soon as you enter the venue. This Haute Couture ensemble is crafted in a way that symbolizes the calm and powerful character of the ocean. The silky material fits like a glove, and yet flows as smooth as the blue waters. The stunning deep neckline along with the classy thigh-high slit give the outfit a perfect finish. Make a grand entrance and grab everyone’s attention with this gorgeous piece.

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Haute Couture Gardenia Dress

Beautiful, classy, and chic – make an unforgettable showstopper entry in this Haute Couture Gardenia Dress. Woven with a flawless blend of black, white, and red, this Haute Couture luxury design is sure to make you feel like a supermodel. Inspired by the delicate Gardenia flower, this dress helps you unfold your inner beauty as you walk around with confidence and positivity. The skirt is designed to resemble flower petals, giving it a fresh and radiant look. Wear this to any function or ceremony and get showered in compliments.

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Haute Couture Palm Tree Dress

Looking for beachy vibes in a luxury dress? That is possible with our Haute Couture Palm Tree Dress. This dynamic dark violet outfit with white elements is a unique Haute Couture style inspired by palm trees and symbolizes peace and resilience. The dress is carefully designed with the thought of giving you a modest and graceful look. The touch of white on the vibrant violet makes the attire look classy and appealing. Flaunt this comfortable and chic dress at any special event and sail your way through people’s attention.

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Haute Couture Sky Dress (Misty)

Who says bold and subtle don’t go together? Well, this Haute Couture design is here to change that perspective. The Haute Couture Sky dress in a delicate misty shade is made for those who love to be classy and fearless but not too flashy. The black and white block elements are a perfect complement to the cream-white skirt, giving a simple, chic yet eye-catching look to the dress. This Haute Couture dress is an ideal outfit that accentuates your charming and sultry features simultaneously. Wear it to a dinner party or an event and make people go weak in their knees.

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Haute Couture, a French term for high dressmaking, is an art form that symbolizes the essence of luxurious fashion. This exemplary craft of creating high-end clothing defines sophistication and opulence. The Haute Couture collection is a classic inspiration for every summer ensemble.

Fashion designer Fares Moses introduces his exclusive Haute Couture line, where fashion is a platform for personal expression. Launched in 2020-2021, each of our Haute Couture outfits tells a story of innovation and enthusiasm in a world of bespoke luxury. From avant-garde silhouettes to opulent embellishments, our couture pieces redefine elegance and give you the power to own the focus. All our luxury dresses are made using sustainable materials and cause no harm to the environment. We promise to maintain the best quality in our outfits that feel absolutely lightweight and look amazing. Our Haute Couture dresses interact with your body in a way that responds to your emotions or social environment.

While experimenting with unique styles of dresses, fashion designer Fares wanted to create something that not only looks appealing but also reflects the wearer’s emotions. He also had a vision to make designs that closely connect the wearer’s personality to the characteristics of nature, while maintaining the richness of the ensemble. Mysterious and powerful like the ocean, delicate and graceful like flowers, and dreamy and glorious like the sky. After tremendous research and exploring hundreds of ideas, Fares launched his Haute Couture collection called the "BRIDE OF THE EAST", where luxury and modern flair are combined in silhouettes inspired by the elements of nature. This exquisite collection presents 15 intricately tailored pieces epitomizing the essence of nature through distinct silhouettes in the most authentic way. Every design, while radiating the spirit of grandeur and allure, narrates a story of its association with nature.

The color palette is a beautiful amalgamation of red, white, and purple tones sewn in the finest fabrics to curate eye-catching outfits. Complemented by a variety of attractive blocks, motifs, and shapes, the finished ensemble exudes flamboyance and charm. Our nature offers varied combinations of colors and patterns that have become the main source of inspiration for this collection.

Bask in the aura of high-quality fashion with our Haute Couture Bride of the East Collection Inspired by the beauty of nature, Fares Moses introduces his exclusive Haute Couture “Bride of the East” collection. Each of these 15 luxury pieces is designed with finesse and a keen eye for detail. Hot, vibrant, and stylish, this collection exudes elegance like nothing else. Every clothing design is remarkable and made with the best materials to suit your taste.

All our Haute Couture Dresses are custom-made in order to fulfill your wishes and satisfy your needs. At Fares Moses, we promise to have a Haute Couture design that is loved by every woman. Let your wardrobe become a masterpiece of unparalleled glamor and step into a realm where clothing and art meet.

Contact us now to get your special Haute Couture piece and look fashionable like never before!