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November 3, 2020
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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photoshoot: Sanae Collection

Our second photoshoot for the Sanae Collection was held this year at Bloomingdale together with our talented model Lucky. We were indeed lucky to have her, since she has become one of the recognizable faces of our beautiful Sanae (prêt-à-porter) collection. Also, the production team of Foxer Agency was present to make this day a huge success. Ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes at a fashion photoshoot? We would like to give you an impression of our photoshoot in this blogpost!

Woodstock Bloomingdale: the best photoshoot location

We started our photoshoot day at Woodstock, one of the most famous Beachclubs of Bloomingdale. Woodstock has become a name that is well known all over the world. People from all walks of life found their way to this special place with good vibes, drinks and music! If you are looking for a place with a very involved staff and where you can be your true self, then we would definitely recommend this place.

Our shooting day at the beach

Our initial plan for the photoshoot was to shoot our model while she was riding a horse. Because of the weather, we decided to go for our Plan B and shoot at Bloomingdale. We are more than happy we made this choice because the photos turned out amazing. At Woodstock we have used the beautiful decors to really portrait the luxury feels of our Ready to wear collection. After our shots were captured at Woodstock, we continued our shootings during sunset along the sea. Our photographer used a drone to film our model Lucky in her Black Dress from Sanae’s collection. With this footage we have made a short video that celebrate a confident woman!

Part of the beauty of behind-the-scenes footage is the naturalistic element to the whole thing. Have a look at our photos to see how our crew handled everything on set!

Wanna see more behind the scenes of our photoshoot?

We hope you got a good impression of the behind the scenes of our Prêt-à-Porter (Ready To Wear) collection. If you would like to see more BTS footage of our photoshoot, keep an eye on our blog! This is where we inform you about everything what’s going on.

Did you fall for our ready to wear items? Our Prêt-à-Porter clothes are sold in standardized sizes so that they are ready to be worn without significant alteration! You can find the collection in our shop.

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