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Prêt-à-Porter Collectie

Prêt-à-Porter Collection for Women 2020-2021

What is Prêt-à-Porter? The term Prêt-à-Porter is French and it literally means “ready to wear” or “ready to be worn”. Ready to wear clothing is casual high-quality clothing made in industrial settings. This type of clothing is created outside the fashion showrooms and is meant to be available for a wide variety of customers. The ready to wear collections are more affordable compared to haute couture and made in different sizes. It is designed within the bounds of standardized sizing and it will fit the majority of people fairly well.

Prêt-à-Porter has become so important

Back in the days, the number of fashion houses fell from 60 in 1952 to 36 in 1958 because Haute Couture became too expensive for most people. In between those years, many couturiers released their ready-to-wear collections. Examples of well-known fashion houses that produce ready-to-wear in addition to their exclusive clothing are Cardin, Chanel, Dior, and Lacroix. In 1949, the exclusive Prêt-à-Porter Christian Dior Inc. established. Nowadays, there are lots of fashion designers, such as the Americans Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, who only focus on ready to wear garment. Prêt-à-Porter clothing has become indispensable in the fashion world!

Ready To Wear Collection 2020/2021 by Fares Moses

Fares Moses’ Prêt-à-Porter Collection has been made to celebrate the beauty and strength of women. Our collection is called Sanae; there is a whole story behind this fascinated name. The full story is explained on our pret-a-porter page. The Ready to Wear Collection Sanae 2020/2021 is a reflection of the new trends of the upcoming season. The main colors presented in our items are pink, white and black. These essential pieces should be in every women’s closet for a perfect everyday look! Are you ready to shop our ready to wear collection? You can find all our available pieces here. If you have any questions regarding to our collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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