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september 2, 2022
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september 2, 2022

Winter Collectie jassen

From Scratch: Winter Collection

It is time for our Winter Collection. We would like to give you a first impression of our design. Everything is made from scratch.

About our Winter Collection

The newest Winter Collection Climate Change by Fares Moses is a wakeup call on climate change. As we are entering into a new season, it is time to become more aware of our Earth’s climate. That’s why we have dedicated our new collection to this important topic.

Why the topic Climate Change?

At Fares Moses, we have identified that climate change is a serious predicament facing humanity. The Earth's climate is always changing, but human-caused climate change today is unlike any other period in our planet's history.

Recently, thousands of people from European capitals came together to stand up for climate change and fight against it. It is important to help others understand the magnitude of the climate problem we’re facing. We strive to a better environment for our future generations, free from hurricanes, floods and natural disasters.

4 Exclusive Winter Women's Jackets

Read more about the Climate Change Collection.

Fares Moses Lookbook 2021

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