Climate Change Winter Collection

Fares Moses presents the newest Climate Change Collection (2021-2022). This Winter Collection consists of 4 classy Winter Wonderland must-have pieces.

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Climate Change Collection
The newest Winter Collection Climate Change by Fares Moses is a wakeup call on climate change. As we are entering into a new season, it is time to become more aware of our Earth’s climate. That’s why we have dedicated our new collection to this important topic.

At Fares Moses, we have identified that climate change is a serious predicament facing humanity. The Earth's climate is always changing, but human-caused climate change today is unlike any other period in our planet's history.

Recently, thousands of people from European capitals came together to stand up for climate change and fight against it. It is important to help others understand the magnitude of the climate problem we’re facing. We strive to a better environment for our future generations, free from hurricanes, floods and natural disasters.

Global warming

Contemporary climate change includes both human-caused global warming and its effects on Earth's weather patterns. There were earlier periods of climate change, but the current changes are faster than any known events in Earth's history. The main cause is the emission of greenhouse gases, often called carbon dioxide CO2.

Global warming is also affected by climate interactions such as the loss of sunlight-reflecting snow cover, and the emission of carbon dioxide from drought-stricken forests. Collectively, these are some of the causes that amplify global warming.


In order to preserve our planet, we must be aware of the consequences of industries that depend on petroleum and coal and factories that emit carbon dioxide that pollute the environment, and start using clean energy such as solar energy, electric cars and planting more trees.

Newest Winter Collection: Sustainable fabrics

The Climate Change Collection consists of 4 winter coats made from sustainable fabrics that can be recycled. Sustainability is what we need to keep our environment clean.

Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding to any questions about the Winter Collection. Find your favorite piece from our newest pret a porter winter collection online and order yours!