April 29, 2014
April 26, 2014


Fares Moses presents the new Sanae Collection. This feminin collection consists of beautiful prêt-à-porter (also known as ready to wear) pieces.

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Sanae Collection by Fares Moses
This prêt-à-porter collection has been made to celebrate the beauty and strength of women. It was all inspired by a true story of a 6 years old young girl named Sanae from Syria.
A photographer captured her on camera when she fled together with her family to a refugee camp in northern Syria. The picture of her illustrates her beauty and greatness, regardless of her sorrow and pain that was present. Therefore, our prêt-à-porter collection is a reflection of the greatest beauty of women.

The story behind the Prêt-à-porter collection

As mentioned in our introduction, Sanae was a refugee from Syria. She was walking next to a tent in the camp with her wild hair and dirt-stained hands, when the photographer approached her. With a soft voice and in a Syrian accent, he said: ‘Honey, honey, look this way’. In a split second he took a picture of her. The photographer was so impressed by her beautiful eyes that radiate innocence.

Sanae is only 6 years old and is completely unaware of the devastation her family and country have experienced. She looked so happy with her brown embroidered blouse and her earrings. Whenever her mother is mad at her, she runs to her father who looks into her green eyes, then smiles and says: ‘Honey, it's okay’.

About the Ready To Wear Collection

The Ready To Wear collection 2020/2021 consists of an exclusive Jumpsuit, Dresses, a Long Shirt and more! We have used beautiful color combinations, like pink with white and black with white to offer women essential pieces for her wardrobe. In this collection the color black is associated with power, authority, and strength, while the color white is synonymous to fresh beginnings.

The color pink, a strongly feminine color, represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in all of us and. If you have more questions about the collection, don’t hesitate to contact us. Find your favorite piece from the ready to wear collection online and order yours!