May 1, 2014
April 29, 2014

Haute Couture

Fares Moses presents his new Haute Couture collection, called Bride of the East.

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Haute Couture: Bride of the East Collection
In December 2019, he officially launched his collection at his fashion show in Amsterdam Prinsengracht at the beautiful location Kerk De Duif. Around 250 people were present at the show and we got lots of compliments because of this great start.
The Haute Couture Collection from Fares Moses counts 15 exclusive pieces. As you can tell from their names, these haute couture pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature. Please continue reading to find out more about our collection!

Haute Couture 2020/2021

The Haute Couture collection is the easiest first-class inspiration for any summer ensemble. Designed as elegant, the ocean has been imagined as a fantasy dreamland and not like a future wasteland full of plastic and prone to pollution. We craft a more sustainable future. Our haute couture dresses will interact with the wearer’s body in a way that it reacts to their emotions or the social environment. The sustainability conversation has a long way to go before landing on these beaches.

Haute Couture inspired by nature

Thus the marine life was referred to in the “Bride of the East” collection, where luxury and modern flair is combined in silhouettes inspired by the sky, nature and the ocean. Fashion designer Fares Moses kept control of the subject matter, without any verbatim translations. However, the exquisitely executed haute couture dresses showcase a beautiful lightness.

The color palette was mesmerizing, progressing back in the red, white, and mauve hues. Our nature provides many examples of color combinations, patterns, and symmetrical objects that have become a great source of inspiration for this collection.

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Would you like to see more of the Bride of the East Collection? Have a look below to see our exclusive haute couture pieces. If you are ready to order, please make sure to select your right size. We are always here to answer all of your questions. For more information, contact us through WhatsApp or our contact page.